Australian Appaloosa Association Membership

The Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd was established in 1971 and are the founders and holders of the official studbook registry of the Appaloosa horse in Australia. Still going strong,  we have members and registered horses showcasing their versatility and love for the Appaloosa breed in all parts of our wonderful country!

Members are the lifeblood of the Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd.

The wide variety of available membership options ensures that every member can choose a plan suited to their needs. The AAA is fast becoming the most dynamic and member focused breeder’s association in Australia. By joining the AAA, you become a part of the history and excellence that is the Australian Appaloosa Association.

The benefits include:

  • Magazine subscription
  • Eligibility to enter registered shows
  • Availability to a range of merchandise
  • Access to the online studbook
  • Support from a dedicated board and office team

The types of membership include:

Full Membership

Individual persons who are owners of Appaloosas or who are interested in the promotion of Appaloosas in Australia.

Couple Membership

Being those members, eighteen (18) years of age or older, who are married or de-facto and must be living at the same address, other than Honorary Life Members, Life Members or Constituent Members, both persons noted as part of the Couple Membership will have the same showing and voting rights as a Full Member.

Life Membership

Individual persons who are interested in promotion of the Appaloosa in Australia.

Honorary Life Membership

See AAA Ltd Articles of Association for more details.

Constituent Membership

Being members who are Companies, Firms, Executors, Institutions, Trustees, Societies or Studs who are interested in the promotion of the Appaloosa in Australia on the basis that this category of membership is entitled to one (1) nominee, details of whom must be provided to the Office upon application and the nominee is to be responsible for all bookwork, signatures and voting on behalf of such constituent membership and shall be the only person eligible to vote, show and/or sign on behalf of this membership provided that such nominee is approved by the Executive Board and on the basis that all persons or Companies, Firms, Executors, Institutions, Trustees, Societies or Studs who are noted on the application form for constituent membership shall be liable for the actions of the nominee from time to time.

Youth Membership

Persons eighteen (18) years and under. Should a youth turn nineteen (19) during the year an adult membership fee is not due until August in the year following.