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About Us

About Us

Australian Appaloosa Association

The Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd was established in 1971 and are the founders and holders of the official studbook registry of the Appaloosa horse in Australia. Preserving the past, present and future of the Appaloosa Horse in Australia the AAA Ltd are still going strong, we have members and registered horses showcasing their versatility and love for the Appaloosa breed in all parts of our wonderful country!

Appaloosa’s in Australia

Hearsay talks of spotted horses being in Australia sometime around the 1940’s and 1950’s however no documentary proof is evident.

The first recorded history of the Appaloosa in Australia is the importation of the Appaloosa coloured colt, Clover Joker Bull, who was born on the long journey by ship from American, via England to Australia. This journey also included Appaloosas Clover Cochise and the mare Clover Coconut. These horses left California on the 11 July 1966 and after an epic voyage finally arrived in Australia in 1967.

trinity day

In 1971, a gathering of sixty-one Appaloosa breeders and enthusiasts attended a meeting in the R.S.L. Hall, Nathalia Victoria, headed by Noel and Helen Cook. The result of this meeting was the formation of the Australian Appaloosa Association.

The first National Appaloosa Show was held at Shepparton, Victoria on the 27th January 1973. Horses came from four states to compete for prize money and trophies. The 12 classes for Appaloosa horses were judged by Captain Walter Hughes from Aldergrove, B.C. Canada.

After moving briefly through the three eastern states the Nationals found it’s home in the centrally located NSW town of Tamworth. The National Show grew in prestige each year, with the best horses in the country making the trip to compete under international judges. The program has now grown to over 100 Classes with Feature events showcasing horses from all states competing in a range of events from Dressage and Hack to Hunter, Pleasure, Trail, Halter, Ranch Riding, Reining, Sporting and more!

Through the seventies, eighties and nineties, the Appaloosas popularity exploded and due to the quality and versatility of the breed, Appaloosas featured prominently in a diverse range of open competitions from Cutting and Western Pleasure, to Eventing and Dressage. Competition was fierce for the AAA’s yearly Hi Point awards and the highly prized lifetime achievement awards programs.

Driving this growth were Regional based Appaloosa clubs throughout Australia, that held a variety of social and promotional events, and monthly shows and highly contested year end Hi-Point awards and the versatility and nature of the Appaloosa horse!

warrior joe

Over the years, showing and events have developed and grown with the changes to the type and style of the Halter and Performance Horse. Our various governing Board of Directors, who have volunteered many hours over the years have helped build the AAA Ltd to what it is today.

During the 1980s, the Association formed sub committees with the Australian Appaloosa Youth Association forming for riders 18 years and under and later in the decade the Australian Appaloosa Amateur Association developed.  Both of these sub committees have evolved the showing and friends competition of your younger and non-professional riders, allowing them to compete in events of their own across all programs.

Today the Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd is based out of Tamworth NSW. We are still going strong and have members and registered horses showcasing their versatility and love for the Appaloosa breed in all parts of our wonderful country!

Horse Registrations

Register your Appaloosa with the Australian Appaloosa Association and protect the past, the present and the future of the Appaloosa Breed in Australia.
Registering your Appaloosa with us preserves your horse’s unique and vital place in the history of the Appaloosa breed.

When you register your Appaloosa with the AAA Ltd, you receive a certificate of registration that provides official recognition of your horse’s identity.

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Members are the lifeblood of the Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd.

We offer a variety of Membership options membership options ensures that every member can choose a plan suited to their needs. By joining the AAA, you become a part of the history and excellence that is the Australian Appaloosa Association.

AAAA – Our Amateurs

The Australian Appaloosa Amateur Association is a subcommittee of the AAA Ltd, established in the late 1980s, for those members of the AAA, who are no longer eligible to exhibit in youth classes, who are not professionals in the horse industry and who ride their own horses for the pleasure of competing against other members who are also not professional.

AAYA – Our Youth

The AAA Ltd is a family orientated Association where we endeavour to incorporate activities, events and friendly, fun competition for the whole family.

If your aged between 3 and 18 years of age, ride a registered Appaloosa and want to meet other Appaloosa riders and lovers just like you then the Appaloosa Youth Association is the place for you!

Board of Directors

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