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Australian Appaloosa Amateur Association

Australian Appaloosa Amateur Association


The Australian Appaloosa Amateur Association is a subcommittee of the AAA Ltd, established in the late 1980s, for those members of the AAA, who are no longer eligible to exhibit in youth classes, who are not professionals in the horse industry and who ride their own horses for the pleasure of competing against other members who are also not professional.

Who is an Amateur….?

A person is considered an Amateur Exhibitor by the AAA:
When he or she is no longer eligible to show in AAA Youth classes; and Provided that he or she has not personally received remuneration or any other form of compensation at any time in the previous 3 calendar years for:

  • Showing, training or assisted in training any horse; or
  • Instructing any other person in riding, driving, training or showing a horse in competition.

Prize money is not to be considered remuneration. Payment of entry fees, expenses, etc. by any person other than the person’s spouse, parents, defacto partner, child of the family, grandparents, brother(s) or sister(s), niece(s) or nephew(s) shall be considered remuneration.


Other important Amateur Rules you need to know…

  • Any horse exhibited by the Amateur in Open and or Amateur classes must be owned by the contestant or by the contestant’s spouse, parents, defacto partner, child of the family, grandparents, brother(s) or sister(s), niece(s) or nephew(s).Separate legal entities, such as family corporations, trusts or partnerships, are also authorised owners of the amateur contestant’s horse so long as all legal and equitable owners and beneficiaries of the legal entity are individuals specifically authorised by this rule.
    Such ownership must be evidenced by the records of the Association and the certificate of registration of such horse must show as the owner by proper endorsement of the Association.
  • Horses owned in partnership or jointly with any person, other than spouse, defacto partner, child of the family, grandparents, brother(s) or sister(s) niece(s) or nephew(s) do not fulfil the ownership requirements for Amateur classes.

Events for everyone!

We have a lot of fun in a friendly, competitive and encouraging atmosphere.

Appaloosa Amateur members have access to a range of Amateur only classes, from riding on the rail in hunter under saddle or western pleasure, showcasing your pattern abilities in hunt seat equitation, horsemanship or showmanship to showing your horse in Amateur halter. We now have Ranch riding too!

These events are for a range of riders and horses of all ages, whether you have just bought your first Apply and are a beginner right through to events for those who are internationally competitive.


Amateur Events

Being an Amateur member allows you to compete in classes provided only for Amateur members, as well as being able to compete in open events. A vast range of events, in both Halter and Performance, are available for competition.

These are available in Amateur Junior Horse, Amateur Senior Horse, Amateur Master and Amateur Novice categories.


Amateur Halter

We have opportunities for those who don’t ride but prefer to breed and show their horses at halter. We have Amateur halter national, state and regional level. They offer the age classes, champions and overall/supreme and AAA end of year hi point awards.


Amateur Masters

Events for those young at heart; If you are 50 years or over and want a friendly and supportive set of show events then Masters is for you! Unlike other breeds, Appaloosa Masters competitors are also able to compete in other Amateur and open events at AAA run shows.

Amateur Novice

Starting 1st of August 2016 the AAA Ltd and AAAA introduced Amateur Novice into our program of events

Available at National, State and Regional level, Appaloosa Novice members will also be able to compete at open breed shows

This is the ideal event for new members, beginner riders and Appaloosa lovers wanting to make a small step into the show ring – at any level!

Wait there is more… our Novice is POINT SCORING! The AAA Ltd will be scoring all Amateur Novice events towards AAA awards and an end of year AAA Novice Hi Point award.

You must apply for your Novice status when becoming an Amateur member. You ARE NOT automatically eligible, and your lifetime points must be assessed for each Novice event – Showmanship, Hunter, Pleasure, English Equitation, Horsemanship and Trail to be deemed eligible.

If you have achieved 20 points (or a ROM) with the AAA, or a respective breed organisation, in any of the recognised Novice events, then you are NOT eligible as a Novice in that class but would be eligible for the class that you haven’t achieved a ROM in.

You will receive a letter from the AAA Ltd in regard to your status in each Novice event – you must show this letter at all shows when entering Novice events to show your eligibility.

An Amateur cannot compete in the Novice class and the Amateur class in the same discipline at any show. I.e. If you compete in Amateur Novice Showmanship (if eligible), you cannot do Amateur or Masters Showmanship as well. You must choses one or the other. A Novice Amateur can compete in the Amateur classes on the program if no Novice classes offered.


Amateur Awards

There are some amazing accolades an Amateur can achieve at all show levels including high point awards at club, state and national levels, overall high points and AAA end of year awards.


We also have the opportunity to receive association lifetime awards such as Register of Merits, Medallions and Superior Awards.  See our Awards Page and AAA Ltd Rule Book for more details

Become an Amateur today

Every person competing in an Amateur class must possess a current Amateur membership card appropriately endorsed by the AAA and current AAA Membership.

To become an Amateur member is so simple, you must first be a financial
Member of the AAA Ltd. Check your eligibility with the Amateur requirements as defined in the AAA Ltd Rule Book

Download our Amateur Membership Form. Complete and return to the AAA Ltd with the associated fees. Don’t forget, if you are a Novice rider, tick the Novice box on the form, or your eligibility will not be assessed.

This Amateur Membership is an annual fee and you are required to renew by August 1st each year.


Amateur Committee and Meetings

The AAAA AGM is held each year at the National Appaloosa Show. It allows for voting of the Amateur Committee and general business discussions.

Fundraising activities are held throughout the nation each year by amateur members.

Committee positions are available each year at the AAAA Annual General Meeting. Any Amateur member is welcome to nominate for any position. If you wish to take a position and would like to know more, contact the Amateur President for more details

Amateur Contact

Australian Appaloosa Amateur Association

President: Tamara Pearson

0484 003 061 |

Or Contact our Amateur Board Director Debbie Pearson on 02 63658 130