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Horse Registrations

Horse Registrations

Horse Registrations


Register your Appaloosa with the Australian Appaloosa Association and protect the past, the present and the future of the Appaloosa Breed in Australia.

The Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd was established in 1971 and are the founders and holders of the official studbook registry of the Appaloosa horse in Australia. Still going strong, we have members and registered horses showcasing their versatility and love for the Appaloosa breed in all parts of our wonderful country!

Registering your Appaloosa with us preserves your horse’s unique and vital place in the history of the Appaloosa breed.

When you register your Appaloosa with the AAA Ltd, you receive a certificate of registration that provides official recognition of your horse’s identity.

Registering your Appaloosa is an investment in your horse’s future. In addition to increasing the value of your horse, registration ensures that you, and any future owners, will be able to show and breed your Appaloosa if you choose to do so.

In addition to preserving your horse’s past and protecting its future, registration enables you to participate in the wide variety of activities, events and disciples available to registered Appaloosas and their owners. You can also be eligible and nominate for annual show and saddle log awards.

Remember, the Appaloosa isn’t JUST a colour, it is a breed! To ensure the preservation of our breed, DNA and genetic testing is in place, along with other eligibility requirements, to ensure your horse is eligible for entry into our studbook. This information can be found in our AAA LTD Rule Book.

Horse Registrations - Laying in Grass

APR – Appaloosa Pedigree Registry

On the 1st August 2012 the AAA Ltd introduced an additional registry to recognise Appaloosa horses that carry a minimum of 7/8ths Appaloosa breeding.

This registration concept is not only to celebrate the use of majority Appaloosa breeding, but to promote the use of both coloured and solid horses in the breeding program rather than continual use of outcrossing which dilutes the appaloosa characteristic.

The use of solid coloured Appaloosas in a breeding program can be very beneficial, which will become more obvious as we learn more about the Appaloosa gene.


So, how do you know if your horse is eligible?

Finding out is as simple as checking your horses’ pedigree. Firstly, your horse must be registered with the AAA Ltd in one of the regular registries.

Eligibility for the APR Registry requires 7 of the 8 horses listed in the 4th generation of your horses’ pedigree to be Registered Appaloosas.


Now you know your horse is eligible, so how do you actually get the horse APR Registered?

For horses applying for registration, all you need to do is tick the appropriate box on the newly amended Application for Registration form, supply a 5-generation pedigree as proof of eligibility and additional APR associated fee.

For horses that are already registered, there is an Application for APR Registration form available on the Forms page of this site. Complete this form and return it with a 5-generation pedigree as proof of eligibility, your horses existing Registration Card and the associated fee.

Performance Appaloosa Registry

From the 1st of August 2018, The Performance Appaloosa Registry was introduced to register those coloured horses, that are ineligible for Adult or BR registration.

For more on the Performance Registry, please see our AAA Ltd Rule Book

More information?

If you have more questions regarding the registration of your horse, please contact the AAA Ltd office between 10 am and 3 pm Monday and Wednesdays, or email the team on