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The AAA Ltd recognise our registered horses competing in a range of shows, events and activities across the country. We also recognise the success and efforts of our competing Amateur and Youth members too.

These achievements are recognised by scoring points for placings in any recognised events for our Hi Point and Lifetime Awards or for those members who don’t compete, logging hours of time spent in the saddle with our Saddle Log Programs.

We also have prestigious recognitions of outstanding horses and members who have shaped the history of our breed, with the pinnacle of being inducted into the AAA Ltd Hall of Fame or onto our Roll of Honour.

2020/21 End of Year Hi Point Award Winners

Awards for the 2020/21 show season have now been announced and all winners have now received their letter of congratulations by email.

Here is a full list of National and State awards winners for last season.

Award presentation will take place at the 50th Anniversary Australian Appaloosa National Show, March 2022.

Want to be a part of this list next year? Then nominate today! See details below.


Owning a registered Appaloosa and being a AAA Ltd Member has many benefits and one of those benefits is the ability to earn points for placings in recognised events, that accumulate into point scores for both Lifetime and End of Year Hi Point awards  – Simply for showing your horse in your chosen discipline – What you do best!

For a full listing of recognised events, please refer to Rule 7.3 in the AAA Ltd Rule Book.

Earning points is really easy! Attend a show, enter an event and compete, record your placings and submit to the AAA. Your points are then calculated (if any are earned in that event), and they accumulate towards awards!

Any Show that you compete at, and place in, points may be gained. It could be your local Ag show, a 3 Day Event, Dressage Championships, Team Penning or Ranch Sorting Day or the National Championships, your results from recognised events count!

National and State Show results are automatically recorded by the AAA Ltd.

If you compete at a AAA Ltd Approved Show, i.e. Regional Appaloosa Club Show, Western Riding Club Show, your points will be automatically recorded if the Club running the event supplies the results to the AAA (Required as part of their show Approval). You may wish to submit your own points from that show, which can be done on a AAA Ltd Show Point Book Sheet.

If you compete at a show that is not AAA Ltd Approved, i.e. Ag Show, Dressage Club Show, etc, you MUST lodge your own points, by way of a AAA Ltd Show Point Book.

To submit results, fill out a new sheet per horse, per show. Be sure to complete all of the details. If you are lodging your own points using an Official Show Point Book, you must also supply a copy of the show program and have your results sheet signed by either the Judge or Secretary of that show and send to the AAA Ltd Office within 30 days of the event.

A AAA Ltd Point Book is available to purchase from the AAA Ltd Office. Add this to your membership or give the office a call and one will be posted out to you.

These books are also a great way for you to check back on your own points and shows – It’s amazing to look back on your results and see how far you have come!

Lifetime Awards

Lifetime awards are an accumulation of a Horse, Amateur or Youths individual points, gained from competing in AAA Ltd Recognised events.

These are scored from all shows and events that are eligible under our rules and each time a point is scored, it is added to the Lifetime award of that horse.

Each time the horse or rider reaches a lifetime milestone, they will achieve a recognition of their success through a AAA Ltd Award Certificate. These are also know as, and referred to as ROMs or Register of Merits(which is 20 points)

These are calculated for all eligible, recognised events. These are recorded from all points submitted.

You do not have to be nominated for these awards, they are completed automatically as part of your annual membership, however, you must ride a Registered AAA Ltd horse and the Rider and owner of the horse must be a financial member of the AAA Ltd to receive points.

These points are recorded on the AAA Ltd Studbook under the horse. Awards are also listed to the horse once achieved.

Amateur and Youth points are scored the same way against the person. A copy of your own points can be accessed by contacting the AAA Ltd Office.

End of Year Hi Point Awards

During our show season, from the 1st of August until 31st July, points are accumulated for horses and competitors and at the end of the season, those who have earned the highest amount of points from recognised events, throughout the season, may win a Hi Point Award in one of our award categories.

Awards are offered both Nationally and by State. The award categories are split into Halter and Performance, and then split into Horse, Amateur and Youth Awards.

To be eligible to win an AAA Ltd End of Year Hi Point award, your must be a financial member riding a registered horse (The horses owner must also be a financial member.) for your points to first be recorded. Then you must nominate for the awards season and earn enough points to reach the qualifying amount of points for that award.

There are rules and regulations around gaining points, our awards systems, recognised events and qualifying. We encourage everyone competing or these awards to refer to the AAA Ltd Rule book, in particular;

  • Section 5 – Shows
  • Section 6 – Halter
  • Section 7 – Awards

Winners are notified by email and award presentations take place annually National Championship Show each year.

Hi Point Award Nominations

To be eligible for AAA Ltd End of Year Hi Point Awards, you must nominate for the categories you wish to compete in.

Nominations are paid per horse for open events and per rider for Amateur and Youth divisions. Just remember you can only nominate 2 horses per Amateur or Youth Hi Point award.

Points will not be back dated, points are only recorded for end of year awards from the date you have submitted your nomination form and fee and made a full payment to the AAA Ltd office including your membership. Any shows entered before paying your nomination will NOT be included in your end of year hi point award scores.

Nominations run from August 1st to July 31st each season, so nominate as early as possible to make the most of your showing calendar. Nominations Close 1st February each season. 

Saddle Log Program

The AAA Ltd Saddle Log Program is for any Appaloosa Owner of a registered Appaloosa, who is a member of the AAA Ltd. If you enjoy riding your Appaloosa, you can achieve rewards for your time spent in the saddle.


Hall of Fame

The AAA Ltd. Hall of Fame is an honour bestowed upon an AAA Ltd. horse or AAA Ltd. member, past or present that has made a major contribution to the promotion and standard of excellence to the Appaloosa breed.

The Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour is an award the Board of Directors of the AAA Ltd. may award to both AAA Ltd. registered horses or members that have shown a level of excellence in a single field.

More Information?

More information on rules and regulations of our points, awards and recognitions can be found in the AAA Ltd Rule Book

For more information on AAA Ltd points and awards, please contact the AAA Ltd office or you can contact the Points Director.