AAA LTD Roll of Honour

AAA LTD Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour is an award the Board of Directors of the AAA Ltd. may award to both AAA Ltd. registered horses or members that have shown a level of excellence in a single field.

The Roll of Honour is to recognise an achievement, which is of such a standard that the Appaloosa industry can be proud of and acknowledge the roll towards the improvement and promotion of our breed.

We recognise the achievement of the wonderful AAA Ltd registered Appaloosas in our Industry and members, who are part of the promotion of the breed, outstanding in the Australian Horse Industry and who help write the pages of AAA Ltd history.


The Roll of Honour is award by the Board of Directors and does not have an official nominations process. A financial member of the AAA Ltd can suggest a horse for the award. The request must be in writing and submitted to the AAA Ltd Board of Directors, with the horse’s information and story on why it is deserving of the recognition.

Submissions to be sent to the AAA Ltd Office.