Hall of Fame

AAA Ltd Hall of Fame

The AAA Ltd. Hall of Fame is an honour bestowed upon an AAA Ltd. horse or AAA Ltd. member, past or present that has made a major contribution to the promotion and standard of excellence to the Appaloosa breed.

To be considered for acceptance in the AAA Ltd. Hall of Fame, AAA Ltd. registered horses or people must be recognised as exhibiting a very high level of achievement, be of a high calibre and meet the criteria as set by the Hall of Fame sub-committee.  

The Hall of Fame was established in 2006 and has inducted many deserving horses, people and studs over the years.

How to Nominate

To be considered for the AAA Ltd Hall of Fame, a horse must be nominated by a financial member of the AAA Ltd. Any financial member can make 1 nomination per year.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame must be made on the official Hall of Fame nomination forms with all information completed as well as any stories, articles, photos or documents to support the nomination.

The Board of Directors has the right to nominate any person or registered horse they feel is worthy of being considered for inclusion into the AAA Ltd. Hall of Fame.

Nominations must be received by the 1st of August each year to be considered fo the next years Induction.

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