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Saddle Log

Saddle Log

We know how much you love riding your Appaloosa, because we do to! But we also know that not every hour we spend riding our Appaloosas are at a show or competing in big events, many hours are spent learning, training and enjoying fun activities upon your trusty steed.

The AAA Ltd  have a great program to recognise and award you for the hours you may spend riding the trails, going to clinics and training days, gymkhanas, or just enjoying a great social horse outings with your friends or a local club  – it is called the Saddle Log Program

The AAA Ltd Saddle Log Program is for any Appaloosa Owner of a registered Appaloosa, who is a member of the AAA Ltd. If you enjoy riding your Appaloosa, you can achieve rewards for your time spent in the saddle. 

Your hours are calculated on the rider, so you can ride as many horses as you like, just so long as they are AAA Ltd Registered Appaloosas. The horses you ride can be owned by anyone, so long as they are a member of the AAA Ltd.


Some things you must know

All horses used in this program must be registered with the AAA Ltd and owned by a Financial Member of the AAA Ltd.

The horse or horses must be a minimum of 3yrs of age.

You, as the rider, must be a financial Member of the AAA Ltd.

This program is based on an honour system, but random checks may be carried out by the AAA Ltd Office.

The hours you gain are permanent, so if you are unable to compete for a period of time, you can pick up from where you left off.

For a full set of rules about the Saddle Log Program, refer to the AAA Ltd Rule Book


Saddle Log awards are obtained at:

  • 100 hours
  • 250 hours
  • 500 hours
  • 1000 hours
  • 2000 hours
  • 5000 hours

Saddle Log Recording Form

To start recording your hours with the AAA Ltd today, download the Saddle Log Point Recording Form, log your activities and send back to the AAA Ltd Office