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2023 AGM & Board Nominations Notice

AAA Ltd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGSaturday 16th September 2023 commencing at 3pm
The 2023 AGM will be a Hybrid Electronic Meeting (online) 
1. Opening and welcome
2.  Attendance
3.  Apologies
4.  Confirmation of the Minutes for 2022 Annual General Meeting (available HERE)
5.  Matters arising from the AGM 2022 minutes
6.  President’s Report
7. Treasurer’s Report
8. Receiving and considering the financial statements of the Company for the financial year ended 30 June 2023
9. Receiving and considering the Directors Reports
10. Declaration of Board of directors
11. Close
HOW TO JOIN THE MEETING;You must REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE by sending an email to media@apppaloosa.org.au with your full name, membership number and email address. Meeting links will be sent out to all registered members within 48 hours of the meeting start time to the registered email addressThe online meeting will be conducted via Zoom, we ask that you test the link and have your computer or mobile device set up prior to the meeting, which will starts at exactly 3pm. If you have registered and do not received you meeting link by 8 am Saturday the 18th please email media@appaloosa.org.au

There are (4) positions vacant seeking nominations. As of the AAA Ltd Annual General Meeting 5th May 2014, the Board of Directors shall consist of (9) nine members elected in accordance with these articles:The Board of directors will be made up of (7) seven individuals that reside anywhere in Australia provided that no more than (3) three board members, reside in the same state. If there is a vacancy on the board as per article 12 (a) and the only nominations received exceeds the limit of no more than (3) three in the same state, then those persons shall fill those positions and their place of residence will not be taken into account.The remaining (2) two directors may reside anywhere in any state or territory of Australia. ELECTION FOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS1: Directors elected and remaining on the Board for 2023/24

  • NSW   Jo Fowler              2025
  • QLD    Lee Haste             2025
  • NSW   Neil Ryan              2025
  • NSW   Debbie Pearson    2024
  • VIC      John Kemp           2024

2: Directors who are to retire but are eligible for re-nomination in the respective geographical areas which they reside.

  • NSW    Marsha Lewis
  • NSW    Patricia Thompson
  • NSW    Sharon Lantry

A NOMINEE – must reside in the geographical area which he/she is nominated to represent. A member is deemed to reside at the address entered as his/her address in the register of members.A NOMINEE – Must be a full Financial Member or Life Member or Honorary Life Member of the AAA Ltd of one or more years standing

ASIC DIRECTOR ID – A new legal obligation for directors

ASIC directive that company directors are required by law to apply for a director identification number (director ID). A director ID is a unique identifier that a director will apply for once and keep forever – which will help prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities.Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) is responsible for delivering the director ID initiative. ASIC is responsible for enforcing director ID offences set out in the Corporations Act 2001. It is a criminal offence if directors do not apply on time and penalties may apply.  When to apply; From 5 April 2022, intending new directors must apply before being appointed. (Visit the ABRS website for more details)

PROPOSER AND SECONDER – must be a Financial Member of the AAA Ltd. It is necessary for the proposer and seconder to be a resident of the same geographical area as their nominee.THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held on Saturday 16th September 2023, by hybrid electronic meeting (online via Zoom), Commencing at 3.00pm

HOW TO NOMINATE:To nominate for a position on the AAA Ltd Board of Directors, please click the form link to download the Board nomination form from our website > NOMINATION FORM HERE  (Found at the top section of the Forms page on our website) 

NOMINATIONS CLOSE: 5pm Wednesday 2 August 2023Completed Nomination Form and biography to be sent via one of the below.

POST: Mail your hard copy to  The Secretary, AAA Ltd, PO BOX 8251, EAST ORANGE NSW 2800EMAIL: Send your scanned copy to info@appaloosa.org.au

MOTIONS: Motions of Special Notice and Special resolution may be submitted in writing to the AAA Ltd by the dates below

  • Motions of Special Notice: Must be received by 5pm Wednesday 2 August 2023
  • Motions of Special Resolution: Must be received by 5pm Wednesday 9 August 2022.

Motions can be submitted by email to info@appaloosa.org.au