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PC Colts & Stallion Breeders


Please be breeding smart this season!

Without wanting to sound like a broken record, this is still happening, so please read below and do your RESEARCH! When a colt is registered with the AAA Ltd it is given a PC status registration. This PC status, stays with the colt until it is approved by the AAA Ltd as eligible to breeding after completing the Stallion Upgrade process.

Any AAA Ltd registered colt, who turns two years of age must be upgraded to a stallion BEFORE you are eligible to breed. This upgrade process requires a veterinary inspection, updated photos and some paperwork/fees. Also in the case that a colt has been gelded, you must inform the AAA Ltd with a Colt to Gelding Notification (forms on website). The horse will have their rego number altered to a gelding status and new papers to show they are now a gelding.

These processes ensure our studbook stays up to date and we can track the correct information of Appaloosas in Australia. It also allows our members to see correct horse information on the studbook, who may be looking to buy your horse or breed to your stallion. Anyone looking to buy or breed, whether you or the stallion owners are members or not, it is imperative that you check the horses papers and registration are actually correct with the AAA Ltd before you purchase/breed to that horse. By breeding to a PC registered horse, you are at risk of that resulting progeny not being approved or eligible for registration.

The Board have been contacting owners and are still working through the large list of horses who have not had their status upgraded. Any owner who wants to start this upgrade process, please go to our forms page on the website and start your paperwork today > FORMS

If you are uncertain about this process or need help, be sure to ring the AAA Ltd office on Mondays or Wednesday’s between 10 and 3 for details.