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Show Results and Points – When showing this season…


Show results must be lodged to the AAA Ltd office within 30 days of your show. Show results must include:

  • A show program
  • Show details
  • Class Name
  • Number of Entrants
  • Placings. Please include – Horse names, horse rego, Handler Name and Handler membership number.

Bulk results from a show may be submitted to the AAA Ltd in a spreadsheet format from clubs only.

Any results lodged after 60 days will receive a $30 late penalty fee.
Any results lodged after 90 days will not be accepted!



Any show results that are sent in by the competitor must be lodged with the AAA Ltd office within 30 days on an official AAA Ltd POINT BOOK SHEET.

Show results will not be accepted by competitors in any other format. This means no bulk spreadsheets, no working files or database files. POINT BOOK FORMS ONLY.

You can purchase a point book from the AAA Ltd office for $25 – Contact the office to order your book on info@appaloosa.org.au

Any results lodged after 60 days will receive a $30 late penalty fee.
Any results lodged after 90 days will not be accepted!

For AAA Ltd approved shows, in most cases, the club will lodge the results with the AAA Ltd as required as part of their show approval. If you are unsure of show approvals, compete at an Agricultural show or non-approved show, please know that the only way to ensure your points are lodge and awarded (if eligible) is by completing your point book and submitting them. All lodgements must have program attached. The responsibility here is on you, the competitor, to submit your points.

Don’t forget to get your point sheet signed by the judge or show secretary on the day! Also fill out all areas of the point sheet including owner names and membership numbers, handler name and memberships and the show name and details in full. List each class the placings and entrant numbers individually. Missing information delays the points process or can result in your points not being recorded correctly, or at all.
Be on time and you’ll be fine ?


Amateur and Youth Points

Amateur and Youth can nominate 2 horses per season to score against their awards. These horses must be selected and nominated on the Hi Point Nomination Award form prior to showing.

Youth halter is a recognised event but are lifetime (ROM) points to the Youth only.

The owner of any horse competing must be a member of the AAA Ltd for that horse to be eligible to show or gain points. Amateur’s must own their own horses as per our rules, but if you are riding a horse of your immediate family (within the rules) that person must also be a member. The same applied for a youth borrowing horses. If the owner is not and will not pay a membership, it is your responsibility to ensure a lease agreement and payment is lodged with the AAA Ltd so the horse can be shown.

Youth and Amateur points are awarded to the member NOT the horse. You may see that events come up on your horse that have Amateur or Youth written next to them; As a way of the AAA Ltd showcasing your horse’s versatility, abilities and sale value it was introduced a number of years ago to list the Amateur and Youth events a horse competes in, as part of their studbook results.

The accumulation of Amateur or Youth points to a horse are not eligible for Lifetime awards – these points are gained by the Amateur or Youth member who showed the horse and are recorded against the PERSON, who is then eligible for Youth or Amateur Lifetime awards.

Other notes about points and scoring, (which are all rules of the AAA Ltd)

  • Not all placings in events gain points. If you are not sure what placings are points scoring, please refer to AAA Ltd rule 5.19 Points table.
  • The owner of the horse must be a current financial member of the AAA Ltd for your horse to be eligible to show or gain points.
  • You are responsible for your own points.

‘Any Other Breed’ Classes

We have noticed a few people competing in Appaloosa Halter events and then backing up to enter ‘Any Other Breed’ halter events at the same show. You cannot claim and receive points towards awards for ‘Any Other Breed’ halter events where Appaloosa only halter events are listed on the program and you have already competed in the appaloosa breed section. You cannot gain a second set of halter points for the one show.

If you compete at a Non-approved show that only has any other breed, and offer no Appaloosa classes, only then will the events be eligible for point scoring based on placings. (ROM only)